Hi! I'm Andrew J Francis also known as Deryago. I want to encourage others to express their creativity, relax and have fun. I've been daily drawing since Dec. 1st 2019.

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See more in my gallery (opens new window)


Drawing daily since 12/01/19
I do a lot of it on my phone!

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Visit my Sketchbook (opens new window)



Patreon & Kofi supporters can get credited in art!

Sonic Boom Popcorn

Commercial made with a team from Shocker Studios

Sonic Boom Popcorn Contributions

Modeled the control tower in the first shot
Painted backdrops, skies and ground textures
Animated the radar


1st place winner of WSU Animation Jam 2020

Film Noir

My portion of a multiple animator project

Character Voices 1

Reading silly tweets

Character Voices 2

Reading silly tweets


A short excerpt from my story Chained Sky


A variety of voices used for Office Cats


The tales of a two-tailed Tael, his mother's restaurant and the crazy world they live in.

The comic will be hosted on Tapas and WebToon. You can also join the community discord or follow my Twitter for updates.