Flicker as a fairy

I'm Andrew J Francis, a friendly artist enjoying a life of creativity.

Life is what you make of it. And creativity is all about expressing yourself through creation. Why not create and find happiness doing so?

Sadly many of us let the wheel of society grind us down and we lose our spark. A constant need for validation and the fear of failure tear us down. That's why it's important to support and nurture creativity in others.

I found my spark again despite years of being under the wheel. Drawing every day brings me comfort and joy. So I decided to take on college with eyes brighter than they were the first time around.

Whatever I find myself doing years from now I will be thankful for. I sincerely hope you will consider a more positive and creative life for yourself as well.


See more in my gallery (opens new window)

See more in my gallery (opens new window)


Drawing daily since 12/01/19
I do a lot of it on my phone!

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Visit my Sketchbook (opens new window)


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Sonic Boom Popcorn

Commercial made with a team from Shocker Studios

Sonic Boom Popcorn Contributions

Modeled the control tower in the first shot
Painted backdrops, skies and ground textures
Animated the radar


1st place winner of WSU Animation Jam 2020

Film Noir

My portion of a multiple animator project

Character Voices 1

Reading silly tweets

Character Voices 2

Reading silly tweets


A short excerpt from my story Chained Sky


A variety of voices used for Office Cats


Under development

A magical cat-themed restaurant takes on the world. It's a fantasy adventure!

Paw'Lit's tells the tales of a two-tailed Tael, the expansion of his mother's restaurant and all the crazy characters met along the way.