Hi there! I'm Deryago, otherwise known as Andrew "D" Francis. I have two degrees and over a decade of experience in the creative and technical fields. If it's related to IT or design, I've probably done it.But what I truly care about are creativity and collaboration. There's nothing better than working together towards a shared vision and growing together in the process... Except maybe writing stories and bringing characters to life. Oh, and fluffy things. Cute and fluffy stuff makes my world go around. Anyway, I hope my silly creations can connect with and inspire others.


While pursuing my second degree, I dedicated two years of my life to fostering commmunity and encouraging younger creatives. During that time, I taught workshops, hosted competitions and did everything in my power to empower others. A little bit of kindness can go a long way.

Book cover for the first book of the Chained Sky series, Violet Eyes.

Author / Art / Anim / Voice
Publishing by May 2024

An incomprehensible girl, an ashen man and a sassy goldfish stumble through the stories of a broken world.

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Pink haired catgirl with fuzzy dice earrings looking absolutely distraught at your lack of style

Writer / Director / Artist
In development

A cat-themed restaurant in a whimsical world, eccentric employees and an aggressive franchising campaign.

A blue-eyed girl with vibrant red and purple hair swaying side to side. She looks SO comfy in her sweatpants and hoodie.
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Design Lead / Animator
Vertical Slice

2D Illustration

2D Animation

Traditional Sculpting

3D Modeling & Animation

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While I currently have a full-time job and plenty of projects to keep me occupied, my door is always open. I offer some freelance services like consultation, design, IT stuff, etc. If you'd like creative advice, I do host a community server. Got a funny joke? Send it my way!

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Advice & Recommendations

My career as an IT admin and overall tech enthusiast has helped me plenty while shopping for gear.
The only products I list here are what I personally use. If you're interested in my professional consultation services, feel free to contact me.

Don't fall into the trap of "future proofing" tech

There's no such thing. The newest and greatest is rarely much better than last year's model. Buy refurbished or second-hand where appropriate and use gear a year or two behind the trend.
~ Put those savings towards future proofing yourself, the environment, and the things that matter most to you.
By going for refurbished you are keeping tech out of the landfill. And seriously, donate your old devices to those in need or look for ways to recycle.

PS. Brand loyalty goes one way. Be open-minded

Surface Studio Laptop (2021)
The creative workhorse

Everything I want to do can be done on one device. 3D sculpting and modeling in Blender? Sure! I've rendered scenes on this, created animations and done plenty of tinkering in Unreal engine. It even doubles as a gaming laptop!The official dock turns it into a great desktop replacement. And the drawing experience is as good as my iPad Pro, but the pen is sold separately.

iPad Pro 12.9" 4th gen with Magic Keyboard

iPad Pro 12.9" (2020)
Creative comfort

iPad Pro 12.9" 4th gen with Magic Keyboard

When I want to just sit back and doodle or animate, I always reach for my iPad. While my laptop is excellent, the iPad is a lot lighter and the Procreate software is a treat to use. Plenty of my ideas are sketched out while lounging in a recliner or laying in bed.You will need to buy the Apple Pencil if you plan on doing any of that though. The Magic Keyboard is pricy but it turns the iPad into a laptop equivalent. And lastly, the Sketchboard Pro gives much better drawing angles.

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